Future Biotech

We support and promote translational research and
biotechnological entrepreneurship in Russia and other countries

About Future Biotech

Our mission: to stimulate research and commercialize scientific findings.

Future Biotech aims to bring together the most talented and ambitious master, PhD students and young postdocs to discuss applications of scientific knowledge and commercialization of scientific findings. Our aim is to strengthen the connection between fundamental science and entrepreneurship, promote networking, discuss some of the most appealing areas in biology and possible career paths in fundamental science and entrepreneurship around the world.

We offer

Scientific lectures

Molecular modeling

Bioinformatics, genome sequencing and analysis


Aging and neurodegeneration

Molecular mechanisms of disease


Peptides and Proteins

Chemical biology


Drug design and production

Lectures on entrepreneurship and commercialization

  • What to do if you want to start your own company
  • Fundraising for your startup
  • Business project development
  • How to apply for a patent

Seminars for soft skills development

  • Communicating science in a fun way to non-professionals
  • Writing a successful grant application
  • Career development in basic research and business
  • How to give a talk?
  • Dealing with analytical tasks in an effective way
  • Clinical trials in Russia


Our speakers


Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences
Chair of the program committee

University College London, member of the Russian Venture Company in England. Venture Partner at RusBio Ventures.
Chair of the organization committee

Digital October Center, Moscow
Manager of Future Biotech, vice-chair of the organization committee

Biotech Research & Innovation Centre, Copenhagen

RusBio Ventures

High School of Economics

RusBio Ventures

Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences

Institute of Biochemistry and physiology of microorganisms Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushchino


We have already organized three schools and attracted a lot of attention (more than 1200 applications) from most talented and ambitious students from Russia and internationally.

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Video reports

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